A guide to web design

Geometric shapes

963225A0 Black square
963325A1 White square
963525A3 White square containing black small square
963625A4 Square with horizontal fill
963725A5 Square with vertical fill
963825A6 Square with orthogonal crosshatch fill
963925A7 Square with upper left to lower right fill
964025A8 Square with upper right to lower left fill
964125A9 Square with diagonal crosshatch fill
964225AA Black small square
965025B2 Black up-pointing triangle
965125B3White up-pointing triangle
965425B6 Black right-pointing triangle
965525B7White right-pointing triangle
966025BC Black down-pointing triangle
966125BDWhite down-pointing triangle
966425C0 Black left-pointing triangle
966525C1White left-pointing triangle
967025C6 Black diamond
967125C7White diamond
967225C8White diamond containing black small diamond
967425CA Lozenge
967525CBWhite circle
967625CC Dottted circle
967825CE Bullseye
967925CF Black circle
968025D0 Circle with left half black
968125D1 Circle with right half black
969825E2 Black lower right triangle
969925E3 Black lower left triangle
970025E4 Black upper left triangle
970125E5 Black upper right triangle
970225E6 White bullet
971125EF Large circle